Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Most parents want to give their children a great start at good oral health. So, they take their little ones to regular appointments for preventive care and make sure to brush their pearly whites every day. But, what if your dentist told you that your kid has a predisposition for developing a malocclusion, such as an underbite? Can you do anything to prevent or have to wait until their adult teeth emerge so they can get braces? 

Enter early orthodontic treatment

In this short article, we will explain what early orthodontic treatment is, how it works, and how it can benefit your child. 

What Is Early Orthodontic Treatment and How Does It Work? 

Early orthodontic treatment, also known as Phase 1 treatment, is a treatment that can begin when your child still has their primary teeth. If the dentist notices any potential orthodontic problems, they may recommend early treatment to address and correct issues while the child's jaw and facial bones are still growing. Early prevention and intervention can make it easier to correct and prevent complex issues from arising, such as underbites, crossbites, crowded teeth, gapped teeth, extra or missing teeth, or even thumb-sucking. 

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment 

Here's how early orthodontic treatment can help:

  • Growth modification: With the help of appliances like headgear or expanders the dentist can help direct the growth and alignment of the upper and lower jaw.
  • Space maintenance: Early treatment can help ensure that there is enough room for permanent teeth to erupt properly. If your child lost a primary tooth prematurely, the dentist may place a space maintainer to hold the space for the adult tooth that will later emerge.
  • Habit correction: It addresses habits such as thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting, which can affect tooth alignment and jaw growth. 
  • Early alignment: If your child's teeth are crowded, for example, early treatment can include limited braces to help align their teeth. Early treatment may also prevent the need for tooth extractions or other more invasive treatments in the future.
  • Improved self-esteem: Correcting orthodontic problems early can boost a child's self-confidence and help them feel more comfortable in social situations.

Will My Child Benefit from Early Orthodontic Treatment? 

The best way to determine if your child needs early orthodontic treatment is to see Dr. Tessler at Kyle Orthodontics. She will perform a complete and thorough examination of your child's mouth and help you understand if and how this type of treatment might help your little one and set them up for great oral health. 

If you still have questions about early orthodontic treatment or want to learn more about our services, don't hesitate to get in touch and book an appointment with Dr. Tessler. 

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